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Lit Life Luquillo

A Transformational Wellness Retreat

July 11 ~ 15, 2024

Are you on the precipice of a major life change?
Preparing for your season of alignment? 
Seeking a bit of sanctuary to find or define your purpose and passion?
If you are a Black, Brown, or Indigenous woman who identifies with any of the above, we invite you on this journey of healing, transition, and rebirth.
This is your moment. Design the Lit Life you were born to live.

Join us as we explore the magical wonders of Luquillo, one of Puerto Rico's most cherished hideaways. Praised for its gorgeous landscape, fantastic food, and authentic culture, a weekend in this beach town provides the perfect balance of serenity, enchantment, and adventure needed to inspire awakenings.

Imagine sipping your morning coffee while watching the sunrise over the sea, meditating to the sounds of waves crashing against the shore, treading water beneath a canopy of forest trees, or free falling down a natural waterslide.

If you are craving a place where you can slow down, connect to your intuition, pour into yourself, and focus on your personal growth, now is the time. 


The Place...

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 Nestled between the majesty of El Yunque National Forest and the Atlantic Sea, Luquillo is an island paradise built for transformation.
The magic lies in its majestic mountains, healing ocean, and the sea-salted winds - natural conduits charged with energy.

So whether you're hiking the winding trails of the rainforest, walking barefoot through the sand, or wading in warm river waters, this experience provides an opportunity to ground yourself to that energy, raise your frequency, and harness that power to manifest your destiny.

"You are made from the same energy source that created the oceans, the forests & the mountains. So tell me again why you don't have the
power to create the life you deserve."

Known as Riviera de Puerto Rico, Luquillo is a town of waterways - Balneario La Monserrate, La Pared Surfing Beach, the Northeast Ecological Corridor, and the rivers that cascade through rain forest mountains, down into the foothills, where they finally kiss the ocean.


These magnetic pools are called estuaries - sacred spaces where Yemojá meets Oshun.
The perfect place to cleanse your mind, body, and spirit. To put the past behind you. To shed the toxic job. To mourn the divorce or breakup. To wash away the limiting beliefs, the bad habits, the self-doubt and fears that no longer serve you. Release it all in the waters. 
Estuaries are the gateways to your healing, restoration, and rebirth.


Personal growth only comes with change, but we know that change is not always easy.
Ofttimes it's abrupt and accompanied by pain or resistance. Yet, you cannot move forward until you work through the block. This retreat gifts you time to pause and appreciate the lessons, process the grief, and begin the healing process so you can lean into the transition.

Reinvention is your birthright.
It doesn’t matter how old you are, what struggle you’ve been through, how impossible you think your dream is, or how many times you fall – you can get up and start again.

Evolution is a process, and the stairway to your highest self is a gradual climb.
If you are ready to take the first step, this is your sign!

Ready To Embrace Your Next Life?

This ReTreat Is Curated For Women Who Are...

~ Facing a major life change

~ Seeking emotional and spiritual balance

~ Ready to shed limiting beliefs and fear

~ Transitioning out of a toxic job
~ Laying the foundation for a life of ease

~ Turning dreams into actionable steps

~ Pivoting from employee to entrepreneur

~ Stuck in a rut and need help finding their way

~ Mourning a divorce, break-up, or soul tie 

~ Sitting at the crossroads of past and future 
~ Breaking the shackles of trauma 

~ Wanderers on a journey of reinvention

We got you!

Flow into your season of alignment with a community of women who will see your vision
and support you on the road to reaching the milestone.

Take the LITLife Leap!


The Space...

Love Soul Beautiful is Bohemian Luxury at its finest.

One look at the kaleidoscope-colored murals adorning the walls throughout, the affirmation art, the eclectic décor, the sprawling rooftop terrace with a stunning ocean view, and you understand why creatives, healers, and lost souls alike flock to the space in search of sanctuary, healing, direction, and the respite needed to imagine what a new life looks like.

The vibe is lazy afternoons swinging in the balcony & bedroom hammocks. It's stress-free strolls along La Pared’s boardwalk and live band block parties and impromptu street parades. It's the C Note Jazz club around the corner, serenading the neighborhood on sea breezed nights.

Add to that, a great public beach, a foodie-approved array of locally owned food trucks and restaurants, the friendly Luquillo residents, and you’re not only guaranteed a memorable stay, you will leave the island feeling rested, mentally recharged, and spiritually full.

 This locally owned, boutique hotel features five apartments, uniquely designed to inspire creativity, reflection, and soul work. Each apartment boasts a full kitchen, living lounge, bathrooms,
bedroom suites, and a balcony or

rooftop terrance that overlooks the sea.

No need to upgrade!
All suites are single rooms, with one memory foam bed, fit for a queen. 
The lavender pillow spray, aroma therapy diffusers, and fresh flowers, paired with the constant cool island breeze wafting through the window assures a great night's rest.


 If you need more than a breeze, 
Breezy Boho Suites are air-conditioned. Tropical Oasis Suites are equipped with high-speed electric ceiling fans.



Tropical Oasis Suites - Third Floor   $2850 USD


Breezy Boho Suites - Second Floor $2850 USD

This intimate retreat is limited to 6 - 8 guests

Say No More... I'm In!

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What's Included

  • Pre-trip Preparation Call

  • 5 Days & 4 Nights Single Suite Accommodations at Love Soul Beautiful

  • Ground Transportation from/to Luis Muñoz Martin International Airport (SJU)

  • Welcome Cocktail Meet & Greet

  • Four Rise & Shine Breakfasts

  • Three Luquillo Lunches

  • Three Delicious Dinners

  • Mindful Meditation

  • Manifest Your Dreams Journaling Sessions

  • Alchemy By Elements Healing Sessions

  • Headwash & Healing River Ritual

  • Chasing Waterfalls Excursion

  • On the Run Beach Tours of La Pared and Balneario de Luquillo

  • Ground Transportation & Entrance Fees to El Yunque Rain Forest

  • Solo Time to Rest, Reflect, & Restore

  • A New Support Your Journey Sister Circle

  • Lit Life Surprises & Gifts 

What’s Not Included
  • Round-trip flights to Luis Muñoz Martin International Airport (SJU)

  • Personal, medical, or trip cancellation insurance (STRONGLY suggested)

  • Excursions & activities not listed in above retreat package

  • Spa treatments & hotel services not listed in above retreat package

  • Meals & alcoholic beverages not listed in above retreat package

  • Tips for drivers, spa, or hotel service attendants

  • Funds for personal souvenirs and shopping sprees

Lit Life Guides

Yvonne McBride

Greetings Ladies! I’m your Lit Life Travel Host and I'm delighted to be one of your guides on this spiritual pilgrimage to harvest your blessings.


As a former educator, youth program director, and CML cancer survivor, I've experienced a few major metamorphosis seasons in my life. At present, I’m enjoying my fourth as a freelance writer, literary artist, and retreat curator. During the retreat, I will share the meditation and journaling methods I used to manage and transcend each of these stages.

I won't promise that a five day getaway will change your life in an instant. But what I can say is when you decide to take  the plunge and dive into these deep, mystic waters - you will emerge on the other side - ready to step into your next best LIT LIFE. 


Iya Oyanike

Iya Oyanike is a mother, herbalist, initiated Yoruba Priestess of Oya, Ifa and Egbe, and the owner of Madame Zen'Obeah's Cabinet in Atlanta, Georgia.

Oyanike has traveled the diaspora training and connecting with the global community. Through her studies of other cultures, she became aware of their reliance on sacred land and natural resources for healing.
She honors and preserves these indigenous culture practices & healing methods by providing herbal consultations, Ori appeasements, divinity readings, and other spiritual services to the community she serves.


Iya Oyanike serves as our divinity guide during the retreat.

Sundari Moneek

Sundari Moneek is a mother of six, author, lightworker, firekeeper, whole health healer, and owner of Sanktuari of Self - a metaphysical & spiritual wellness boutique in Atlanta, Georgia.

A lifelong student of global healing practices, Moneek uses Medicine Card Oracle Readings to help people discover their soul paths.
She provides a number of holistic services to her community including spiritual centered yoni steams and readings, along with Khambo, Rapeh, Cacao, Senanga, Changa, and Ayahuasca ceremonies.

Sundari Moneek serves as our grief and healing doula during the retreat.

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